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JME Remit, a technology oriented Money Transfer System, is a product of Japan Money Express, one of the first remittance company Of Japan. Japan Money Express has a large payment network covering all cities, towns and villages of our country and have more than 1200 paying agent across Nepal covering almost all districts of our country. The remitter will have options to either transfer the funds to the beneficiary against the identification document or can credit the customer’s account maintained at any of the banks in Nepal. The money is transferred on real time basis. The system automatically generates a unique Control number for each transaction. Payment at the receivers end will be based on this unique Control number.

1. The Remitter will first register with Japan Money Express for AML and Compliance issues , also he will add his/her beneficiary while registration.

2. The Remitter will make request for fund transfer to pre-agreed location against cash deposit and he/ she is required to fill all details i.e. Name, ID number, Currency & Amount etc.

3. Based on the information provided by remitter, remitting agent shall transfer the data to the system and upon approval of transfer, unique ID number (main basis for payment) will be generated by the System, which will be provided to the remitter.

4. The Remitter will have to pass details of ID number, Amount and nearest location from where money is to be collected to the beneficiary. The beneficiary will go to the pre-arranged payment location or any nearest and convenient payment location and claim the amount. The payment location will be either JME’s branch or agent.

5. Japan Money Express agents, upon confirmation of ID number and identification of beneficiary, will make the payment.

6. For the payment to be credited to the account with any banks in Nepal, payment details i.e. beneficiary’s name, account number, bank/ branch name and amount etc., will be provided in Japan Money Express. Based on the information in the System, JME will arrange to make deposit to the beneficiary’s account.

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