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Mr. Takashi Furuya current Compliance Head of Japan Money Express is an experienced graduate from Okayama University of Science, 1975. His years of experience in Fujitsu Ltd and IBM Japan speak about him more than words can say. His experience in multinational Fortune 500 companies as in-charge of the SI (system integration) business in IBM. He has ample of external and internal audit experience and of the compliance and promotion of the business.

He has performed the SOX implementation of SI Division in 2004. (The SOX method).

Meanwhile, he moved to IBCS Ltd., for 3 years, to review the consulting contract and accomplished wide range of compliance. He retired from IBM Japan in 2012. Later he was appointed as Head of Compliance at of Japan Money Express Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Norikazu Shibukawa entered current  Director of Japan Money Express is a graduate from Chuo University of accounts; 1980. His experience in IBM JAPAN as representative of business promotion, mainly in a PC section, the D&S department and the network service sector proves him to be an ideal person to overlook operation
and services of the company. His know how of local market and unique strategy is a vital part of company’s growth. He also worked at AT&T Global and Willcom Co Ltd as Sales manager till 2008 and late after his retirement he established TATSUMIYA INTERNATIONAL Co. Ltd. His Years of Experience in the field of sales and service is a
inspirational factor for the company to move further ahead.

Mr. Katsumi Nakajima current Accounting Auditor of Japan Money Express is a graduate from Tokyo University 1965. At his work at Ministry of Finance, Japan as Banking Bureau special Finance section officer his work and dedication was successively awarded as promotion as a Kinki Local Finance Bureau conservation Deputy Director (in charge of finance, securities, conservation-related), Chief of financial affairs in Fukuoka Branch (the financing administrative), Later he retired in National Land Agency minister’s secretariat deliberation officials in 1992.

  • Specialized on Doctor (management) D.B.A(Doctor of Business Administration)
  • Licensed tax accountant qualification.

His qualification and experience speaks on its own and speaks about company’s legal aspects too.

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