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Mr. Takashi Furuya current Compliance Head of Japan Money Express is an experienced graduate from Okayama University of Science, 1975. His years of experience in Fujitsu Ltd and IBM Japan speak about him more than words can say. His experience in multinational Fortune 500 companies as in-charge of the SI (system integration) business in IBM. He has ample of external and internal audit experience and of the compliance and promotion of the business.

He has performed the SOX implementation of SI Division in 2004. (The SOX method).

Meanwhile, he moved to IBCS Ltd., for 3 years, to review the consulting contract and accomplished wide range of compliance. He retired from IBM Japan in 2012. Later he was appointed as Head of Compliance at of Japan Money Express Co.,Ltd.


Mr. Shuji Kato current Director of Japan Money Express is a graduate from Keio University 1985. He has previously served in various key management positions in IBM Japan, SAP Japan and a fortune 100 company. He was responsible for managing broad aspects of finance, marketing, and field operations. He also had his overseas experience in South-East Asia. He brings to our board wide experience in finance, operations, executive management. 



Mr. Yasuhiro Okamoto graduated from the law school of Nihon University, after that he joined IBM Japan in 1990. Currently concurrently with Japan Money Express.

He experienced Sales Representative in a financial sector, and he was in charge of System Development of distribution, manufacturing industry area as System Engineer. And he has assessed Data Security for multiple projects in Data Security & Privacy division. Farther more he was in charge of process and contract review for pricing approval for each project at IBM Japan.


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