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Money Transfer

Transfer money through one of the below Services.

Cash Pick UP

An instant cash service which enables customers to send and receive cash within minutes to/from any of our Agent locations. JME provides the technology, service and expertise to transfer money effectively and efficiently

Bank Transfer

Credit to Account service to banks in key countries via our direct tie up arrangements. Bank Transfer is done within 24-48 hrs.

Important Note for Remittance

Please confirm the following matters when using our company.

1.JME have obtained approval as fund transfer business (Kanto Local Finance Bureau No. 00006) on July 22, 2010。

The money transfer business means that people other than banks etc. operate a small amount of exchange transactions as a business. 

2.JME differs from the currency exchange transaction conducted by the bank etc. in the following points.

       (1)The maximum limit for money transfers is ¥1,000,000 Japanese yen.

         (2)The Services do not include the acceptance of deposits, savings or installment savings as defined in Banking .

    (3)This Deal do not constitute the payment of insurance claims stipulated in Article 53 of the Deposit Protection Act or under Article 55 of the Agriculture, Fishing Industry Cooperative Savings Insurance Act.

        (4)JME set aside performance guarantee money for customers.

3. Contact us for the latest rates.

4.Customers are requested to submit the following valid and original identification with photo issued by  the Government.    

5.JME provide receipt and  SMS service

6.JME seeks to resolve all claims related to the Money Transfer process as soon as we can. In case of dis-satisfaction, consumers may contact Japan Payment Service Association with claims and request  for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Privacy Policy 

(Personal Information Protection Policy)

Japan Money Express Co., Ltd. (“JME,”) is committed to protecting personal information through our privacy policy (this “Policy”) set forth below, as JME as through establishing a mechanism for protecting personal information, and ensuring that all employees recognize the importance of, and take actions for, the protection of personal information.

  1. Management of Personal Information

          JME will update your personal information to keep it accurate and current, and in order to protect it from any unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, or           leakage, will securely manage your personal information by taking necessary measures, including maintenance of security systems, building of information management regime, and sufficient employee trainings, and by using safeguards.

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

JME will use the personal information collected from you for sending you e-mails or materials, in order to reach you, make business announcement, or to respond to your inquiries.

  1. No Disclosure or Provision to Third Parties

JME will properly manage your personal information, and will not disclose the same to any third party except where:

-       JME have obtained your consent;

-       Such information is disclosed to outside companies JME contract with to provide you with services you have requested; or

-       Disclosure of such information is required by law.

  1. Safeguards for Personal Information

JME have in place safeguards to ensure accuracy and security of personal information.

  1. Identity Verification

JME will respond to your request to access, correct or delete your personal information, upon confirmation of your identity. 

  1. Outsourcing

If JME use third party vendors to handle personal information, either in whole or in part, JME will conduct appropriate investigation of, and exercise all necessary and appropriate supervision over, such third party, in order to ensure secure management of the personal information outsourced to them.

  1. Compliance of Laws and Regulation; Revision of Policy

JME will comply with laws of Japan and any other regulations which may apply to the personal information collected by us, and will revise this Policy from time to time in an effort to improve the same.

  1. Contact

If you have any inquiry regarding our personal information handling practices, please contact:

Japan Money Express Co., Ltd.

Omori Bldg. 4th floor, 1-10-7, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0073, Japan

Tel: 03-5475-3913  

Fax: 03-5475-3914 

Mail: info@japanremit.com


Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces

JME hereby establish, and will comply with, the following “Basic Policy against Anti-Social Forces,” in order to ensure that JME are will not engage in relationships with anti-social forces that threatens social order or public safety, or prevents sound social or economic development.


  1. JME will not engage in relationships with anti-social forces, including any transaction with anti-social forces, and will firmly reject any unjust demand made by anti-social forces.
  1. If any unjust demand is made by anti-social forces, JME will handle the same as an organization, while ensuring safety of our employees, and will use efforts to promptly resolve the problem.
  1. JME will not provide funds or benefits to, and will not make any inappropriate or exceptional transactions with, the anti-social forces.
  1. JME will prepare against unjust demand by anti-social forces through maintaining regular and close contact with outside specialized institutions such as polices, National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, or attorneys.
  1. JME will firmly stand against any unjust demand by anti-social forces, including by taking legal actions, both civil and criminal.



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