1.   (Customer Registration) Firstly, the customer shall make an agreement with JME either by in person visit, post, e-mail or fax.  The applicant is required to submit the Application for Remittance as prescribed by JME and place the applicant's signature or affixing the applicant's name and seal. 

   2.     (Identity verification documents)

For Japanese:   Passport, Driver's License, Insurance Card, and Residence Certificate

For Foreigner: Passport with visa information, Valid Alien Registration Card and Photo

   3.   (Application for Remittance) State the purpose for remittance and any other required information in the Application for Remittance.

(How to remit money to Nepal) Beneficially is able to receive money either following ways.

(iii)   Bank Transfer

(iv)   Cash Pick-up

    Foreign remittance limit amount: JPY 1,000,000 (per one transaction)

   4.  (Bank Transfer) Once JME confirm the money received, the fund shall be transferred to the desired bank account.  After completing the transactions, the beneficially is able to receive money on the same day.  However it depends on business hours in both countries. 

   5.  (Cash Pick-up) Once JME confirm the money received, JME inform the sender of the reference number for each transaction by telephone.  Within 10 minutes after completing the transactions, beneficially is able to receive money at the desired office.  However it depends on business hours in both countries.  When the beneficially cash pick-up, they shall show the reference number over the office counter.

   6.  (Exchange Rate) JME publish the exchange rate between Nepalese Rupee and Japanese Yen every business day in JME's office counter and home page.  When receiving the request for remittance, JME shall apply JME’s applicable foreign exchange rate at the time when the actual calculation is made by JME.  Exchange rate is updated at 14:00 every business day, which is effective from 14:00 until the next day 13:59.  JME give out a receipt to the customer (sender).

   7.  (Remittance charge) JPY 1,500   (Since it may differ about a charge, please confirm to our company once.)

(Charges for cancellation initiated by the applicant)JPY2,000

   8. (How to remit to JME's bank account?)The sender remit the fund in Japanese yen to JME designated account.

   9. (JME Business Hours) Weekday : 9:00 - 18:00

                        Sunday & National holiday : 9:00 - 15:00

                  Saturday :Holiday

   10.(Contact for Notices and Inquiries) In the case JME fives notices to or makes an inquiry with the applicant in respect to this transaction, the address and telephone number stated in the Application for Remittance shall be used.

   11. (Force Majeure) JME shall not be responsible for any losses or damages arising out of any of the following:

A)    An unavoidable event such as calamities, incidents, wars, accidents during transit, restrictions by laws and regulations, and certain actions taken by the governments, courts or other public authorities;

B)    Any failure or malfunction of terminals, communication circuits, computers or other equipment; or any mutilation, error or omission in the text resulting from such, which occurred despite reasonable security measures taken by JME.

   12.  (Prohibition of Transfer or Pledge) The applicant shall not be allowed to transfer or pledge rights under the transactions made herein.

   13. (Conflict) The problems caused by the meaning of terms used herein shall be judged by Japanese descriptive sentence.  If any conflict and controversy or claim aroused relating to any brochure, guide and agreement either in Nepali, Japanese or English version, they shall be construed and governed by Japanese version.

   14.   Customer care department shall be in charge of safeguard for our customers.  If any opinions, inquiry and complains, please inform this department.


By submitting of this form, I hereby understand and agreed the terms & condition with Japan Money Express Co. Ltd.